Client: City of Boston, Department of Innovation and Technology
Overview: Working with the United States Digital Response Team, I was excited to do volunteer work with my home city to help support them during the COVID-19 crisis. Armed with just a style guide, some previous projects as inspiration, and a fantastic team, I jumped right in. 
Description: Projects included infographics, social media blasts, and an animated intro and outro for Mayor Walsh’s commencement speech on the news. This was my first experience working with city government, and the team was so welcoming and collaborative that it never felt like “work.”
Thank You Nurses: The "Boston B" brand mark is often modified with a creative touch to promote certain days or events throughout the city. For this graphic, I took the "B" and put a mask on it as well as an EKG monitor within the orange underline. During the COVID-19 crisis, this graphic led to a significant increase in engagements, impressions, and shares on their social media platforms. 
Delivery Drivers Appreciation: Using the "Boston B" brand mark, this post was to showing appreciation to the many delivery (food and traditional) drivers throughout the city. This animated gif was designed as a food truck to represent food delivery, a falling box to represent traditional delivery, and a strapped 'B' to represent the commercial delivery drivers. The Boston B underline is used as the road. 
Emergency Kit Preparation: The City of Boston wanted to encourage their community to keep an emergency kit on hand to prevent a shortage during a time of immediate need. 

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